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Understanding Developmental Psychology

developmental psychology

Examining the Role of Past Experiences and Relationships In Shaping Current Thoughts and Behaviors

developmental psychology

Understanding Developmental Psychology

At Good Work Counseling in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we understand that our past experiences and relationships play an important role in shaping our current thoughts and behaviors which can affect our developmental psychology. We also know that how we interact with the people in our lives in the present can be influenced by how we were treated or behaved around in our past. By recognizing this connection, we are better able to make more conscious decisions about who to keep in our lives and how to behave around them. Here are a few tips for examining the role of your past experiences and relationships in shaping your current thoughts and behaviors:

Reflect on Your Past Relationships

The first step towards understanding how your current thoughts and behaviors have been shaped by your past is to take some time to reflect on your past relationships. Think about how you were treated by these people as well as how you responded to them. What patterns or connections do you notice? This reflection can help you gain insight into why certain types of behavior might feel uncomfortable or familiar when interacting with people today. Noting these connections can assist you in making more conscious decisions surrounding your future relationships as well.

Identify Your Triggers

It’s important to remember that not all triggers come from negative experiences – positive triggers can exist too! Try to identify what events or conversations remind you of a specific person or experience from the past. These may be verbal cues like certain words or phrases, physical cues such as body language, or even smells that bring back memories of a particular situation from the past. Understanding these triggers allows us to be aware of how they may influence current interactions we have with others – both positively and negatively.

Listen To Your Reactions

Once you’ve identified potential triggers within yourself it’s important to listen carefully for what emotions arise when confronted with similar situations involving other people – especially those close to us. Pay attention to any signs of anxiety, fear, hurt, sadness, anger, etc. If these feelings become intense consult a professional counselor immediately. Note: It’s normal to feel such emotions, however, they should not overwhelm us and interfere daily routine!

Reflect On How You Could Respond Differently

When triggered it is easy to revert to the same behaviors adopted during past encounters, however, this often results in feeling overwhelmed by guilt once the dust settles! Instead, try finding ways to respond differently by taking a moment to check whether the chosen course of action is best one at the time. Does it fit the value system self? Does it honor the wants and needs of both parties involved? Answering questions help find effective means to reach the desired outcome without compromising anyone’s dignity!

Practice Self-Care And Compassion

Finally – remember to practice self-care and compassion when engaging in difficult conversations. Anytime you face a challenging moment take a deep breath, step away, and reflect quickly. If necessary, reevaluate the approach. Bringing wisdom learned from the long journey of life allows understanding and growth on a personal level instead of forcing a landing point! With love and understanding comes a chance to start new patterns and sort healthier ones to improve the overall quality of ourselves and our loved ones alike!

At Good Work Counseling here in Tulsa, Oklahoma we recognize the roles our individual backgrounds play in determining thought processes and natural responses given particular stimuli. Therefore, we are committed to helping discover test tools that enable healthier interactions with others, support growth, and self-worth, and are an addition to the well-being of others involved throughout the process! If you need further guidance in understanding the relationship between history and how it affects the present, please do not hesitate to contact our team today. We are ready to provide the friendly advice needed to start your journey towards successful decisions and lasting peace of mind, heart, and soul entirety!