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Sometimes getting out of feeling stuck really feels like we are just spinning our tires; not getting anywhere fast. I am here to help with the process.

Donald A. Myers, III

Behavioral health therapy

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Healed Hearts

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change.”

- Carl Rogers

Marriage Counseling

Healing Hearts

Marriage Counseling

We believe that communication and empathy are key for every single relationship. Come learn more about yourself and your partner with our couples counseling program and reap the scientifically proven rewards of our service! 

Family Therapy

Your family is your most precious possession. Making sure that every single member feels seen and heard is essential for a healthy and stable family dynamic. Learn more about our family counseling services here! 

Family Therapy

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Depression Therapy

Learning the root of your depression is the first step in overcoming it. We not only help you better understand your situation: We give you practical solutions to get out of it.

Stress Management

In a such fast paced world we live in, balancing work, family and relationships can be a handful at times. Our therapists help you learn how to reduce, prevent and cope with stress.

Anxiety Counseling

According to the National Alliance on Mental illness, anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States. Learn how to tackle this issue with us!

Trauma Counseling

Dealing with your past, is one of the best ways to take care of your future. Cope with your trauma and get rid of all the luggage that's weighing you down!

Career Counseling

Learn how to find joy, satisfaction and purpose in your job. We offer Tulsa's best career counseling services.

Anger Management

Repeated anger outbursts can damage hard earned connections, relationships and opportunities. We offer clear and direct counseling on how to better deal with your anger.

Find Therapy That Works For You

Individualized, non aggressive, clear and direct therapy that will help you see the growth that you have been looking for.

Although receiving advice from loved individuals can be extremely helpful,  our therapists have years of professional experience on how to explore and develop resolutions to your problems. Both sources of help are valuable, however, our professional therapists have scientifically proven methods that will help you get where you want to be!

Group therapies offer individuals with similar problems an opportunity to share and learn in a safe environment.  Together the group learn how to better deal with the problem at hand while also reaping the benefits of accountability and camaraderie in their lives.  

Therapy is a life long service that will continually help you better understand yourself and the relationships you have around you. However, studies show that at least 50% of patients see a considerable improvement by the 8th session.   

At GoodWork Counseling we believe that if it isn’t practical isn’t powerful. We provide clear, direct and actionable counseling for a vast array of problem that our patients might be facing. 

Although personal services are preferred, we do offer online sessions for our client’s best convenience.

Improve Your Mental Fitness

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Lear more about the problems you are dealing with and begging the process of getting unstuck! 

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