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Growth is on the other side of your comfort zone

With 7+ years of experience in helping people get through their hard times, Donald A. Myers is one of Tulsa’s top counselors. As a Christian and follower of God, I also can offer a biblical side of therapy to help you understand your hard times. At GoodWork Counseling we believe that facing problems head-on is always the best way to overcome and grow into a better person. 

Donald A. Myers, III

Behavioral health therapy

My Therapy Philosophy

I believe that if something isn’t practical then, it isn’t powerful. I focus on Clear, Direct, and Actionable counseling that will help you achieve the growth you desire! 


The first step is to conduct an evaluation of our clients, to understand what they’re going through and discuss certain things we can start to work on to help.


During the processing phase we will analyze and reevaluate pasts events/ behaviors. With new self understanding and knowledge, you will be able to reassess the meaning of the past in your life. 


In this step, you’ll learn practical healthy coping mechanisms, positive behavioral patterns and more. These strategies that the growth you are looking for is permanent. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although receiving advice from loved individuals can be extremely helpful,  our therapists have years of professional experience on how to explore and develop resolutions to your problems. Both sources of help are valuable, however, our professional therapists have scientifically proven methods that will help you get where you want to be!

Group therapies offer individuals with similar problems an opportunity to share and learn in a safe environment.  Together the group learn how to better deal with the problem at hand while also reaping the benefits of accountability and camaraderie in their lives.  

Therapy is a life long service that will continually help you better understand yourself and the relationships you have around you. However, studies show that at least 50% of patients see a considerable improvement by the 8th session.   

At GoodWork Counseling we believe that if it isn’t practical it isn’t powerful. We provide clear, direct and actionable counseling for a vast array of problems that our patients might be facing. 

Although personal services are preferred, we do offer online sessions for our client’s best convenience.